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Grants and Scholarships
Hooper Undergraduate Research Award for research in your field. This research award funds full-time undergraduate
for a research project, scholarly work, or creative work undertaken with a faculty member as a mentor. Awards
not based on financial need, but are intended to advance the student's learning experience. New deadlines are
posted each semester. Award amounts vary depending on complexity of the proposed project.

Student Travel Grant provides funding for graduate and undergraduate students. Preference is given to those who are
presenting at a conference. Most awards are $100 - $300. New deadlines are posted each semester.

School of Art offers a variety of scholarships for studio and art education majors.
Art Ed Documents and Forms
Hints for a Better Student Teaching Experience
You and Your Cooperating Teacher

You and Your University Supervisor

Lesson Plan Writing

Classroom Discipline

Classroom Management Skills

Broader Knowledge


Resume Writing

What Makes an Effective Student Teacher?

Student Teacher Placements

Writing a Philosophy of Art Teaching

Building Fences

Advocacy: Are the Arts Important?

Motivating Students to Learn and Achieve in Art

Locating Resources for Planning Your Lessons
Course Materials Fall Semester
Note that all schedules are tentative.
Planning a Research Paper  (Power

Examples of Types of Research

Sample Research Paper Outline

Scoring: Research Paper and

Edit Marks

Thesis Brainstorming

Generate a Good Thesis Statement
Members of the NAEA are automatically members of AAEA.

Finding and Following Your Bliss

Planning Ahead for Student Teaching

Planning with Meaning (includes Boyer's Human Commonalities)

Commitment to Professional Growth and Development

Demonstrating Professional Knowledge

Being Punctual and Proactive

Pointers for Effective Communication

Transitioning from Student to Teacher

Appropriate Dress and Appearance

Developing a Positive and Enthusiastic Classroom Environment

Being an Environmentally Aware Role Model
ARE 330W Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment

Guidelines for Artist's Statement and
Teaching Philosophy (Power Point)

Artist's Statement

Philosophy of Teaching

Scoring: Artist's Statement

Scoring: Philosophy

Instructions for Resume (Power Point)

Resume Format

Scoring: Resume

Reaction Paper (Power Point)

Reaction Paper Worksheet Power Point

Scoring: Reaction Paper

Formal Analysis Power Point

Formal Analysis Guidelines

Scoring: Formal Analysis

Art Criticism with Interpretation Power

Art Criticism Worksheet

Scoring: Art Criticism

Expository Paper (Power Point)

Expository Check List

Scoring: Expository
ARE 331 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment


Executive Summary

Ten Lessons

Youth Art Month Observation form
Mid-term for 331

Writing a Position Paper

Scoring: Mid-Term

Scoring: Position Paper

Scoring: Presentation
ARE 431 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment

Model unit of study

Lesson Plan Template


Essential Questions

Objective Writing


Scoring: Unit of Study and
Course Materials (Spring Semester)
ARE 200 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment

Midterm Check-up

NAEA Standards for Art Teacher

Arizona Professional Teacher

Time line of Art Education

Stages of Children's Art

Lowenfeld Stages of Children's Art

Bloom's Wheel (Curriculum Mapping

Bloom's article

Mission Statement Guidelines

Writing Effective Exam Questions
ARE 421 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment

Lesson plan template

Model Unit of Study (Tolerance)

Model Unit of Study (Social Bonding)

What is a rationale?

Indicators of good
essential questions

Measurable objectives

Writing Goals and Instructional
ARE 308 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment

ARE 432 Syllabus and Schedule

Signature Assignment
ARE 495C

CWS hints

The Art of Ecology and
Aesthetically Livable
An Art-Based
Curriculum Model for
Beginning, Developing, and
Advancing Students
A rubric based upon revised
Bloom's Taxonomy